Food combos that SHOULDN’T work, but do…

Growing up, my best friend, Donut, used to eat ketchup sandwiches.

It’s exactly what it sounds like. A slice of bread on the counter, squirt some ketchup on it, fold it in half, and eat it.

I certainly like ketchup, and I put it on some weird things like leftover Mac & Cheese, or peas….but I’ve never understood his love of the “ketchup sammie”.

There’s a discussion on Reddit about food combinations that shouldn’t taste good, but actually do.

Things like 7up & milk make the list. I’ve seen people put Coke in their milk, but never 7up.

A Bacon wrapped hot dog(so far, so good), in a bun lined with peanut butter & topped with chili…..????

Bread dipped in Coke?

What about you? Any strange combos that shouldn’t taste good but actually do? And how in the hell did you discover such a thing?

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