Celebrity Death Match!

So last year Justin Beiber said he wants to fight Tom Cruise and that he would win. He just went on James Cordon this past week and said it again. First of all I want to see this fight more than anything. Two very small (in stature) celebrities going at it for nothing more than my pure carnal entertainment? Yes please!

I think this is the perfect way for Rome to rebuild it’s tourism industry. Just have celebrities beating the hell out of each other in an open arena. Make the tickets super cheap (shoutout to RATM) so regular ordinary people can enjoy the sport and boom we’re cookin!

Who else would you want to see I hear you reading in your head very loudly. Glad you asked. Here’s just a few.

Jason Mamoa vs. The Rock

Jason Statham vs. Vinnie Jones

Maynard James Keenan vs. Joe Rogan

Nikki Sixx vs. Dee Snider

Vin Diesel vs Betty White

Mark Zuckerburg vs Jeff Bezos

Vince Neal vs Any Motley Crue Song

There are so many possibilities this show could go on forever! It’s a shame the claymation version went away. Comment yours!

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