What to do for your EX on Valentine’s Day.

On V-Day, you can take your significant other out for dinner, buy them flowers or candy, write them a poem….or you can name a star after them!

There’s no shortage of ways to show someone that you love them.

But what about an ex?

“Trash the Dress” is a thing nowadays, for divorced women to take their wedding dress & destroy that symbol of a relationship gone bad.

But maybe you don’t want to ruin your wedding dress….so what are you to do???

You’ve probably heard about the zoo that will name a cockroach after your ex….and they’ve added “naming a rat” after your ex & feeding it to a snake!

But if that’s not good enough for you, you can make a donation to the Centre Wildlife Care in PA to help restore the local bat population, and they’ll name a mealworm after your ex, which will then be happily eaten by Betsy, a large brown bat at the Centre Wildlife Care.

And if that’s not enough, for a mere $45 donation or more, they’ll provide you with a personalized video of Betsy eating your “ex” worm.


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