The BEST Super Bowl!

Lists are subjective.

The best this. The greatest that. Top ten of these….

Doesn’t matter if it’s about food, music, movies, TV shows, or sports.

I’m sure a lot of people will say I’m a “homer” because I think that the 2016 Super Bowl between the Patriots & Falcons is the best of all time, but now I’ve got a USA Today ranking on my side.

Hell, even I thought it was likely over at hafltime.

Nobody comes back from 28-3.


Not Tom Brady. Not the Packers. Not Jerry Rice. Nobody.

But they did. And you can argue with me about the rankings for all the rest of the Super Bowls on this list, but you’ll never convince me that Super Bowl 51 wasn’t the greatest.

I know you hate the Pats. But imagine it was your team down by 25 points…and then they came back to eventually win in overtime.

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