Excitement About The XFL?

The XFL has long been mocked as yet another failed venture by Vince McMahon. As a kid I was stoked to see this type of football. Reminded me of schoolyard ball and with the nicknames on the back felt very new school.

The XFL is coming back this February and they just released their rule book today. Which is terrifying to think these guys have to learn a fairly new version of football in like 6 weeks. Some of the new rules are intriguing. The shootout style of overtime is a definite upgrade. While the double forward pass sounds like a double chance for interceptions, right Vikings fans? (I kid but only a little bit)

Lets look at some of the rules videos.

I like this a lot!
This does not spark joy.
What even is going on in the XFL?!

You can check out all the rules and differences between the XFL and the NFL here https://www.xfl.com/rules#c18241b1a398204af2ecfb1b

All is well when there’s more football so I’m excited! Viva la XFL!

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