Happy 30th MST3K

Thirty years ago today the greatest show in the history of TV made its debut. You read that right. BEST TV SHOW OF ALL TIME. You can @ me all you want but you’re wrong so save your energy. Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a constant in my life for the last 15 years. And if you ask the fiance’ she’ll attest to the fact that I’ve watched every episode at least 20 times.

When the newest season came out I was stoked! I sat on my couch and watched every new episode like a child excited about the latest Barney release. Am I obsessed? Yes. Is it a dumb tv show that makes fun of dumb movies? Also yes. Look if you can’t laugh at two toy robots and a dude from Green Bay making fun of really crappy movies then I don’t know what you need. Also Mike is the best host and I will argue that!

Favorite episode list time. Top five.

5. Space Mutiny Season 8 ep 20.

4. Hercules and The Captive Women Season 4 ep 12

3. 12 To The Moon Season 5 ep 24

2. Night of the Blood Beast Season 7 ep 1

  1. The Final Sacrifice Season 9 ep 10
Seriously the best!

If you made it this far you’re a good person! Happy MST3K Da!

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