Keep the Christmas Decorations Up

I’ve been an advocate of this for a number of years now. Each year, people start putting up their Christmas decorations in October, before Halloween. But as soon as New Years is done, they take them down.

If you’re going to extend Christmas, you’re extending it in the wrong direction. I say we keep the decorations up until February or March.

I love the beauty of Christmas. I love the lights and decorations. It really spruces it up outside and makes it cheerful. But then we take them all down after New Years Eve, and then what? It’s pure suckage out there. Seriously, look outside. Sucks, don’t it? It sure looked a lot nicer last week with the lights up, didn’t it?

There are some people like myself that still have decorations up. But if we’re being honest, that’s mostly about laziness, right? Maybe this is just me looking for an excuse to justify my procrastination, but it really looks a lot nicer outside when we have the decorations up. So leave them up, and we can enjoy them until March.

It sure beats sitting in a frozen tundra of sadness.

This is the hill I will die on.

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