Naked on a plane. Naked on a Bumblebee.


Some fog to start the day, but sun & in the 70’s later today.

We kicked things off with the Wednesday Song, and we recapped last night’s action in the NBA & NHL playoffs.

Discussed a list of ways to save money on groceries, and also found out that 1/3rd of Americans think that “doing the dishes” counts as exercise.

Great story about an Army Veteran who saved a couple of guys who could have drowned after their boat sank, and another cool story about six high school seniors in Boston that got $10,000 scholarships!

Talked about Shilo Sanders & also heard some Bush & Candlebox, who will BOTH be in town on Saturday, August 3rd at Copeland Park & Events Center!

The phones are sorta working again, so we were able to play “You’re Killin’ Me, Shaws” this morning, and we talked about the upcoming Olympic protest in France

And during today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about the dangers of pancakes & tractors, a guy who broke into Buckingham Palace to take a pee, a driving instructor who was drunk while giving a lesson, a turkey hunter that got attacked by a moose, the most arrested man in the world died, a cop who resigned after having sex with a suspect in the back of his cop car, a guy who got naked on an airplane, and a guy who got naked & climbed a Bumblebee statue.


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