Are you rodent-handsome?

Ugh. I love & hate long weekends.

Love them for the extra day off…hate them because they come to an inevitable end.

We started today off with a rundown of our Memorial Day activities, and we recapped all the NBA, NHL, & racing action from the long, holiday weekend.

Let you know what’s new on New Release Tuesday, and discussed some of the deals you can take advantage of on “National Hamburger Day”. It’s also “National Brisket Day” today!

Had a great story about a kid in NY that was born without a left hand that recently got a serious upgrade!

Apparently, women are no longer interested in Dad bods…they’re looking for rodent-faced men thanks to the new Zendaya film.

Glorious day for Major League Baseball as Angel Hernandez is retiring immediately, and a tough weekend for Mike Tyson!

Take a look in your wallet…your two $1 bills might be worth THOUSANDS!

The phones sorta work, so we were able to talk to Grant Bilse from the Wisco Sports Show this morning, and during today’s “Bad News with Happpy Music”, we had stories about an actor who got killed over a catalytic converter, a traffic jam on Mount Everest, a Mayor in MO that had to resign because the cops killed a deaf & blind dog, a man on a cruise ship who jumped into the ocean, a stabbing at a movie theater in MA, a couple of pickpockets who stole an elderly man’s wallet & bought a bunch of gift cards, a woman who called 911 so they could tase a raccoon at her house, a guy who’s trying to visit every Pizza Ranch in the country, and a wedding reception that ended in gunfire.


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