Do you like unnecessary bike lanes in downtown La Crosse?

Let the bitching about stupid-ass bike lanes begin!

Brian was fired up this morning about the proposed bike lanes being added to 3rd & 4th streets in downtown La Crosse.

There’s going to be a final meeting on Monday, May 20th at the La Crosse Public Library for public input.

We recapped last night’s NBA & NHL playoff action, and we talked about the police in Indiana opening an investigation into the Patrick Beverly incident from last week’s loss to the Pacers. Also in sports, the new Utah NHL team is looking for a new name.

Had a great story about a Vietnam Veteran who lost his dog tags while at war, and a guy with a metal detector found one & was able to track him down & get it back to him!

Did you hear about the couple that stopped in the lobby of a police station in Waukesha to rest their feet & take a nap….but ended up banging all over the place?

We served up some of the more interesting answers to a recent survey on Reddit that asked people: “What has a zero percent chance of happening in the next 50 years?”

Also talked about a marathon runner who got DQ’d because one of his family members handed him a bottle of water during the race, and we talked about the recent story about Ric Flair at a pizza joint in #Florida.

During today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a rich woman who tried to buy another woman’s ‘handle‘ on social media, a mom in Pennsylvania who got a DUI after she ran over her own child, a guy who broke into his ex-girlfriend’s place & started smashing the place and eventually flushed her fish down the toilet, a cruise ship worker who went on a stabbing spree on his first day on the ship, a Canadian man who was killed by a steamroller, a teacher who didn’t have Mountain Dew in her Mountain Dew bottle, Cold Stone Creamery is being accused of not having any pistachios in their pistachio ice cream, a candidate for President apparently had some of his brain eaten by a worm, and a guy who rented a Tesla and got charged for not refueling it.


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