LOTS of ex-gfs, WNBA stuff, & Scouting America.


Best day of the week, weather-wise. Gonna cool off the next few days & some rain is in the forecast.

We kicked things off by talking to Shaw about the Angel Reese snafu earlier this week, the name change for the Boy Scouts, and also recapped the NBA & NHL playoff action from last night.

Plus, the reporter who had a bizarre exchange with Caitlyn Clark after she got drafted by the Indiana Fever is NOT going to be covering her games this season.

Let you know what’s on TV tonight, and talked about some of the fallout from the “Roast of Tom Brady”. In case you missed it, Netflix has edited out the booing of Kim Kardashian.

Had another reminder of the importance of learning CPR, thanks to a couple of high-school students near Detroit.

Doc texted in wondering about the Putin/Super Bowl ring comment from the Tom Brady roast, and we discussed a new sport that’s picking up in popularity.

Today is “National Have a Coke Day” and “No Socks Day“, and it’s also Wednesday, which means we played “You’re Killin’ Me, Shaws”. Shaw didn’t get the movie quote, so $10 of Brian’s morning-show money went to the Rock Foundation.

During today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a guy who stabbed himself at a car dealership, another guy who assaulted his ex-girlfriend with a pink dildo, a missing trucker who was found dead in the back of his own truck, a guy who trapped his ex-girlfriend in a crawlspace at his house, a very sneaky jewel thief, the new Swiss Army “knives”, a #FloridaMan who keyed his name on the hood of a cop car, a man who was in a car accident and then came into contact with a bear before dying, and a guy who had a botched surgery.


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