The Brady roast, a weekend full of shows, and a Bigfoot costume!

Welcome to Monday!

I know that I’m wiped out after a weekend filled with live music & beers. Gonna quick mow the lawn this afternoon and take a much-needed nap!

We recapped our weekends and also recapped the live roast of Tom Brady that aired on Netflix last night.

Talked about the incredible video of a stormchaser who saved a family after their home was destroyed by a tornado.

Talked a bit about the Patrick Beverly situation, and we hooked you up with the Monday Morning Throwback.

Did you know that watching sports is good for your mental health???

During today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a couple of people who overdosed in a man-made cave, a stolen forklift, a guy who jumped in front a priest during his live-streamed sermon & attempted to shoot him with a gun, a furry convention that went off the rails, a Tesla that updated it’s software while woman was in the drive-thru at at Chik-Fil-A, a woman who is messing with guys who send her unsolicited dick pics, and a parent who tried to prank a school by wearing a bigfoot costume.


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