Looking ahead to May & Brian’s big plan for his lawn

Final day of the month, and we hooked you up with a list of things to look forward to in the month of May!

We recapped last night’s NHL & NBA playoffs, and we talked about the umps screwing the Brewers again!

Let you know what’s new on New Release Tuesday, and we took a long, hard look at Olivia O’Brien, who went viral during this past weekend’s Laker game.


Had a wonderful story about a mama bear that saved her cub from drowning after it fell into a river, and another great story about a teacher that recently joined a very exclusive club.

We talked to Grant Bilse from the Wisco Sports show about whether or not Giannis will be back with the Bucks next season, and got an update on his living situation now that his girlfriend has moved in with him.

During today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about the amount of women’s restrooms in Amsterdam, a guy in Michigan driving around with a tree stuck to his car, a woman who inhaled a screw, a man & his daughter got attacked and stung by hundreds of bees in Vegas, a guy who was putting his genitals in the food at the restaurant he used to work at, a guy’s emotional support alligator has gone missing, a moron tried to harass a bison, and another story about someone throwing pasta during a road rage incident.


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