Banana peel BLT sammich?

Today got totally flipped after Brian found out that Dole’s website has a recipe for a banana peel BLT sandwich.

For real.

It’s “National Banana Day“, so that’s where the conversation started…but once he found out about this whole sammich thing, he was out on bananas.

Talked about last night’s NBA play-in tourney and the Kwik Trip/Brewers collaboration this season.

And speaking of the Brew Crew, they’ve got a theme night coming up where they’ll be giving away Bronze Fonzie Bobbleheads!

We discussed some energy-boosting foods you should eat if you’re slumping later this afternoon, and congrats to Journey on the sustained success of their “Greatest Hits” album!

Had a story about a guy in Cleveland who saved a kid from getting beaned by a hockey puck, and we played “You’re Killin’ Me, Shaws” for $20 of Brian’s morning-show money.

Jill from Galesville guessed correctly(it was from “The Godfather“) and she scored his twenty bucks.

Did you hear about the billionaire owner of the Clippers picking up the entire concessions tab for their final home-game against the Rockets a few nights ago?

During today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a horrific incident in Chicago where a woman cut another woman’s baby out of her womb, a woman in MN who had over 120 cats in her house, a student who got suspended for bringing corn chips to school, an outbreak on a new cruise ship, a fake priest who was robbing churches, an elephant on the loose in Montana, a couple of drunk vultures, and a guy who used a live snake to try & rob a store.


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