The eclipse & RIP CJ Snare.

Welcome back, Jean!

She returned from vacation today & gave us an update on how things went in Alabama.

We obviously talked about the eclipse a LOT this morning, including the expected increase in car crashes, and about 7% of people don’t want to watch it at all.

Another big topic this morning was the death of Firehouse frontman CJ Snare.

Brian’s recap of the Firehouse & Bret Michaels show at Ho-Chunk in BRF was our Monday Morning Throwback today.

Had a very nice story about a retired teacher who donated $1 million to her school district, and a hilarious clip of Charles Barkley getting pranked during the Final Four coverage.

Now that someone has won the massive Powerball jackpot, Shaw broke down the taxes to see how much that person is ACTUALLY going to end up with.

We talked about the Dodger fans who caught Shohei Ohtani’s first homerun ball in an LA uniform that claim they were pressured to give it up in exchange for very little.

During today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a mother & daughter who were traveling the country giving illegal butt injections, the world’s most recent oldest man, a guy who ran from one side of Africa to the other, a guy who stole a baseball team’s swear jar, a Southwest flight that lost part of it’s engine, a dangerous new trend on Tik Tok involving fireballs, a guy who was in the middle of his vasectomy when the earthquake hit the East Coast last week, a guy who claims the hotel staff used his toothbrush to clean his bathroom, and a guy who showed up for court naked.


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