A soccer player REALLY liked his own goal.

Hump Day!

Brian’s under the weather, Jean is still on vacation, and we had a big show at the La Crosse Center last night.

Yesterday was also the WI primary, so we got to some of those results.

Had a story about a dog named “Hero” that truly lived up to that title when his owner got stuck in a muddy ditch for two days, and some officers in #Florida arrested a delivery driver who was a wanted felon, but were still able to finish his delivery.

Asked another hypothetical question this morning. A friend asks if they can borrow $10. You hand them a ten…they use it to buy Powerball tickets…and they hit the JACKPOT. How much do they owe you?

Played “You’re Killin’ Me, Shaws” this morning for $40 of Brian’s Morning-Show money, and Shaw aced it this week with a clip from “Happy Gilmore”.

Wild story during “The Friggin’ Sports” about a soccer player who REALLY enjoyed a goal he recently scored.

During today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a car that crashed into a gym & people kept working out, a guy who hid drugs in his Easter eggs, inmates are suing for the ability to view the eclipse, a guy in Colorado who did some really nasty stuff with food at a grocery store, a guy who celebrated his divorce by firing his gun in the air, a few Americans who got stranded on an island after they didn’t get back to their cruise ship on time, a guy who peed on the floor of a plane, and a guy who stole a Waffle House tattoo.


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