Beer that tastes like pizza? Oh…wash your fruits & veggies.

Welcome back to the real world!

Did you drink enough green beer this weekend? We recapped our St. Paddy’s Day and took a longer look back with this week’s “Monday Morning Throwback“.

With yesterday being “Selection Sunday”, we talked about the upcoming March Madness tournament and laughed at AJ Storr‘s attempt to pass himself the ball for a dunk during the Wisconsin/Illinois game.

Apparently, people are swooning on the internet about The Rock and Drew Barrymore.

Had a couple of nice stories about a 106 year-old woman who celebrated her birthday with a VIP trip to Disney World in Florida, and a dorm at Providence College in Rhode Island that raised a BUNCH of money for the overnight security guard so he could visit his family in Nigeria for the first time in over 10 years!

Found out about Voodoo Ranger’s new pizza-flavored beer coming out in early April, and Chick-Fil-A testing out new pizzas at their test restaurant in Maryland.

During our final three-way this morning, Shaw had a story about some area students who are going to be competing in the State spelling bee, and Brian tried to show off his spelling skills but failed MISERABLY with the word “conscientious“.

Did you see the George Costanza bobblehead that the Yankees are giving away this season?

And in today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a woman who drove into the ocean to avoid being arrested, a guy who fell out of a hot air balloon & died, a woman who was trying to sell her baby for $500, a deer in Pennsylvania that had a plastic jug stuck on it’s head, a guy who was playing some sweet air guitar, a bunch of expired bread that ended up on a dude’s lawn, and a guy who worked at a grocery store that was whacking off on some of the food.


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