Iditarod updates & Jason Kelce dominating the news!

Welcome to Thursday!

Started you off with the Thursday Song from our good friend, Adam Palm.

After yesterday’s discussion about giving Shaw a tagline, we got a whole bunch of suggestions and started workshopping them.

Got an update on the Iditarod guy who had to kill a moose in self defense after it got entangled with his dogs. He was penalized for improperly gutting the moose.

Interesting story about Kevin Bacon showing up at a Wisconsin family’s house, and Jean shared some tips on dealing with this weekend’s time change!

Brian talked again about the new Netflix series, “The Octopus Murders“, and had a couple of cool stories about Jason Kelce, including the reason his ankles were taped at his retirement announcement, and a special soup can that will raise money for his charity!

Speaking of soup, we ran down a list of a couple of new food items that are coming out in the near future, as well. Including a new flavor of Ranch, a new grilled-cheese-&-tomato soup, and a meatless hot dog.

During the Friggin’ Sports, we talked about the Chiefs fans that suffered hypothermia during the playoff game against the Dolphins and how some of them may need to have an amputation!!!!

And finally, during today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a guy in PA who got sentenced for abuse of a corpse, a guy in New Zealand who kept trying to cross the ocean in his bathtub, a Lamborghini that was stolen on a test drive, a dog in England that needed to be rescued but turned out to be a statue, a prisoner in Michigan who died after ingesting baggies of drugs, goose intestines & duck blood is apparently being smuggled into the country, jalapenos are less spicy, and they’re trying to cancel the very famous photo from 1945 of the sailor kissing the woman after the war.


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