What the hell is Hurkle-Durkle?

After some really crazy weather yesterday, we got back to normal today with some sun & a high in the mid-50’s.

Jean went on a cleaning rampage yesterday in the building and had an interesting conversation with a co-worker about how she cleans her home.

Talked about Jason Kelce‘s retirement during sports, and we let you know what’s new on New Release Tuesday!

Not only is it New Release Tuesday, but it’s SUPER TUESDAY!!!! With a bunch of states holding their Presidential primaries today.

Also found out that it’s “National Scott Day” and that the frozen stuff that fell from the sky yesterday is called graupel.

Had a great story about the importance of having your pets micro-chipped, and we joked about Miami Beach trying to “break-up” with the crazy college kids on Spring Break.

During our sports break at 7:25am, we discussed the Iditarod musher who had to kill & gut a moose after it got entangled with his dogs, and we talked about former NFL wide receiver, Braylon Edwards, saving a man in a YMCA locker room.

We discovered what “hurkle durkle” means, and during our birthday segment this morning, Jean revealed that she’s obsessed with videos on TikTok where kids find out that the Bee Gees were white. Apparently, it’s a “thing”.

Talked about a German soccer fan that went onto the pitch & trashed a team after they lost 6-0.

During today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a naked man that stole a couple’s car, naked bowling, a sex offender that was on the run from the cops & got killed by a train, a Taylor Swift fan that bought tickets to see T-Swift & ended up with a VERY obstructed view, a guy who tried to steal a self-driving taxi, a guy who allegedly got stung by a scorpion in a Vegas hotel room, a burglar who was arrested while sitting on the shitter, and a guy who got stuck in an airplane bathroom for 35 minutes before the captain of the flight was able to rescue him.


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