Lickin’ feet & swallowing octopus.

Welcome to Monday.

After the absolutely FANTASTIC weather this weekend, today was a bit dreary & much cooler.

We talked about Caitlin Clark setting another record this weekend & congratulated Shaw on his son, Jack, getting engaged recently.

Had the fastest 40-yard-dash time EVER at this past weekend’s NFL combine, and Brian enjoyed some outdoor beers & live music at Tumbled Rock in Baraboo.

Today is “National Hug a G.I. Day“, and we had a great story about a grandmother who has saved her granddaughter’s voicemails for the past fourteen years! Plus, a student pilot who just learned what to do when your engine dies…and had to use that knowledge just days later.

Talked about some reasons why you may be more susceptible to getting hacked, and during “The Friggin’ Sports”, we discussed Bob Melvin’s National Anthem edict in San Francisco.

During today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about some horses that got loose on a highway in Ohio, a Brinks truck driver who was robbed & also had his pants stolen, a couple of idiots broke into the LA Clippers new arena & filmed it all for TikTok, a bar fight involving Stephen Baldwin’s daughter, a street pole in Canada that’s surrounded by Legos, a Texas couple who got locked in an urgent care after the staff went home, a guy who swallowed a live octopus that got stuck in his esophagus, and a fundraising event at a school in Oklahoma that involved licking feet!!!


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