“How do you make an uppercase “E”?”

Hello, Friday!!!!

The weekend is finally here and even though the weather is cooling off the next few days, it’s going to bounce back into the 50’s and even 60’s early next week.

We started the morning by recapping Thursday’s cell outages & the moon landing, and we reminded everyone about our Brewers home-opener bus trips from Eau Claire & La Crosse!

Had a couple of uplifting stories just after 7am this morning. A horse in LA that fell into a sinkhole was rescued by over 50 firefighters, and a woman who dropped her wallet into the ocean found it washed up on a beach a year later!!!!

The Oscars are coming up on March 10th, and a company is looking to pay one lucky person $2,000 to watch all the films nominated for Best Picture and provide feedback.

Found out yesterday that the National Bobblehead Museum in Milwaukee is releasing some commemorative bobbleheads from the “Miracle On Ice”.

Our major conversation from this morning was how do you write an uppercase “E”?

Talked a bit more about the disastrous MLB uniforms, and we got Doc’s Racing Report.

Don’t forget to add your racing smokers to his online calendar!

During today’s Bad News with Happy Music, we had stories about yesterday’s cell phone outage affecting 911, the world’s oldest dog just got his title revoked, a former pastor that was busted shoplifting from Walmart, a priest in Spain who was selling black-market Viagra, a YouTuber named “Scam Sandwich” who is outing scammers on his channel by posing as a grandma, a guy in Canada who drove drunk to the police station, and a thief who left his own money behind at a recent robbery!


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