No Shaw? No problem. Landlines are back?

No Shaw today, no problem!

We talked about the shooting in Burnsville, MN and Trump’s sneakers, and we discussed the reasons why mattress sales happen on President’s Day.

Had a great story about a bus driver in Kentucky that came to the rescue of a kid who needed some pajamas!

Got to the Monday Morning Throwback, and why is there always a bad wheel on most shopping carts?

Also, we hooked you up with info on our Brewer opening-day bus trips, and we talked about landlines making a comeback now that they’re “retro”.

Have you heard of Mr. Wilson on the Arkansas State softball team? He’s a VERY good boy.

During “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a guy who’s suing Powerball & the D.C. lottery for posting the incorrect winning numbers online, a former cop in Maine who was selling drugs to kids in the parking lot of a high school, and a zoo in Nebraska that had to remove 70 coins from a gator’s stomach because people keep throwing coins in his pond.


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