Rock Mornings Daily Podcast – Wednesday, February 14th, 2024

It’s Valentine’s Day, but not everyone is celebrating. In fact, a bunch of people are joining the “Anti-Valentine’s Day Movement“.

We did have a cool story about a couple in MN who found a bunch of stuff in their bathroom wall while remodeling their home, including some love letters from 100 years ago!

We ran down some Valentine’s Day stuff, like a new dating app just for people with good credit scores, and a warning about A.I. scammers on V-Day.

During a 3-way with Shaw, Brian talked about one of his very favorite videos on the internet. The “Alley Property Rhubarb” lady. He also talked about the new Netflix special, “Lover Stalker Killer“.

Shaw was able to figure out the movie quote today for “You’re Killin’ Me, Shaws“, even though our contestant would have used the money in a Spooky Spin!

And during the “Friggin’ Sports”, we talked about a fan podcast that made a suicide joke about a hockey player who is currently in the NHL/NHLPA Assistance Program.

During “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had an update on the meth pastor, a story about a private plane that lost it’s door mid-flight, a mom who let her 4-year old & 2-year old drive her car in a parking lot, a drug gang that’s killing people in Cancun, a burned woman who is not dead yet, a woman who was gored by her bull which led to a lung cancer discovery, and a drunk “gangster” who puked pizza outside a Denny’s.


Brian Simpson

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