The Monday Morning Throwback – “Fact or Bullcrap” – Fast food edition

Back in 2020, on National Fast Food Day(11/16), we played a Fast Food edition of “Fact or Bullcrap” with Scott Robert Shaw.

He did pretty well, getting 3 out of 5 correct!

  1. You used to be able to get spaghetti at McDonald’s.

Yes: “McSpaghetti” was around in the ’80s, and you can still get it in the Philippines.

  1. Taco Bell used to have a menu item called a “Bell Burger.”

Yes: It was basically a taco in a hamburger bun. It was on their menu from the mid-60s to mid-70s.

  1. Arby’s once aired a 13-hour television commercial of a beef brisket being smoked.

Yes: It aired in Duluth, Minnesota in 2014. It was the record for longest commercial ever aired. But then Old Spice aired a 14-hour ad in Brazil two years ago.

  1. There are more Dunkin’ Donuts locations in the world than Starbucks.

B.S. Starbucks has around 31,000 locations. Dunkin’ has just over 12,000.

  1. On average, 12% of American adults eat fast food on any given day.

B.S. It’s higher than that. Each day, 37% of us eat fast food according to the CDC. And around 11% of all the calories we eat come from fast food.

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