Top Songs of the Week – 11/1/23

Time once again to check in on the songs that hold our top spots here at 95.7 The Rock. A new song that’s only been out for a couple of weeks quickly rose into one of our biggest plays, with a lot of other good songs holding their position.
Let’s check who’s on top.

  1. Pop Evil – Skeletons
  2. Hardy – Sold Out
  3. Metallica – Too Far Gone
  4. Foo Fighters – Under You
  5. Beartooth – Might Love Myself
  6. Blink 182 – One More Time
  7. Green Day – The American Dream is Killing Me

Metallica and Foo Fighters are holding veteran power in 2 of our top spots as a pair of hard hitting bands that have been in the business for a long time. Still Nice seeing Beartooth up there, as they’re a fantastic band that I’d highly recommend checking out. Blink 182 is still tugging on our heart strings with “One More Time”. That’s a song that’ll make you wanna call your friends and tell them you love them. Green Day makes an appearance at the top with their brand new song “The American Dream is Killing Me”. Nice to see one of the longstanding juggernauts of punk continuing to strut their stuff. Check out the video below.

Top Songs of the Week
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