Best Horror Movies With a Summer Setting – Bags’ Top 10

Summer isn’t just for fun in the sun. It’s also for chills and thrills. As far as horror movie settings go, it’s actually probably the most popular season. We may think of scary movies more in the Autumn. But the majority of horror movie settings occur in the summer. Which will make compiling this list all the more difficult. But let me try anyway.
Here’s my best 10 horror flicks with a Summer setting.

10. I Know What You Did Last Summer
9. The Hills Have Eyes
8. Sleepaway Camp
7. Cabin in the Woods
6. Lost Boys
5. Children of the Corn
4. It: Chapter 1
3. Evil Dead
2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
1. Jaws

Let me handle some fights that I know will occur.
Many people are likely thinking, “Where’s Friday the 13th?” While no specific date is ever given in the movies, the most commonly agreed upon date the movies take place is June 13th. Which by the calendar, is still technically Spring.
Others will say, “jAwS iSn’T a HoRrOr MoViE.” Yes it is. Though it may not have the types of elements we’re used to seeing in horror movies, it’s very clear the aim was to scare people, and it accomplished that better than any movie in the history of cinema.

Summer Horror
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