Most Awesome Sharks – Bags’ Top 10

Sharks. They only bite when you touch the private parts.

Ok, that’s not true. 30+ years of watching Shark Week has taught me that, and so much more. In fact, I’ve never missed a single episode since it began back in the 80’s. Sharks are something I’ve always been fascinated with, and many people share my love for them. They’re terrifying, but also beautiful and poetic. Forever awe inspiring.
Like many people, I’ve developed a particular love for some sharks over others. Either because they’re unique, particularly beautiful, or just plain bad-ass.
So here’s my list of the 10 most awesome sharks.

10. Oceanic Whitetip
9. Thresher Shark
8. Blue Shark
7. Goblin Shark
6. Megamouth
5. Whale Shark
4. Tiger Shark
3. Great Hammerhead
2. Shortfin Mako
1. Great White

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