Best Wayland Songs – Bags Top 10

Wayland is once again coming to town. This time, doing double duty with us. We have our sold out booze cruise on Wednesday, but before we set sail, they’re also doing a free live acoustic show at John’s bar starting at 5pm. Just a little FYI.
In any event, we’ve seen Wayland a lot around here. It’s like having family come to town. So in that time I’ve developed a love for all their music. But let’s order which I think are in my top 10.
How does mine differ from yours?

10. Welcome to My Head
9. Holy Shift
8. I’m Not Alright
7. Looking for a Bar
6. Dirty Angelina
5. Bloody Sunrise
4. Be the Lion
3. Indiana Jones
2. Get a Little
1. Reno

Bags Top 10 Wayland
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