The one with Dad jokes

What a week! After last week’s cold but successful St. Paddy’s Day .01k, we started things off with the Monday Morning Throwback & a new “Pet of the Week”. Plus, a study that revealed the positive effects of Dad jokes! Our Monday edition of “Bad News with Happy Music” had a few interesting stories, including a woman who stole from a benefit because the coleslaw cost too much to make, a woman who called in a bomb threat to a Walmart from the backseat of her Uber ride, and a Karen that just wanted a “bundle” at a McDonalds.

On Tuesday, we took a look at some scientific evidence that Wednesday is the best day of the week to take off of work, and we discussed which leftovers we eat cold, rather than reheating first. Plus, a great story about a Dutch guy who lives near a soccer field & was rather upset about some celebrations.

Our Tuesday edition of “Bad News with Happy Music” was loaded with stuff, including the dentist who poisoned his wife, a woman with a penis-shaped shrubbery, a couple that got attacked by a mountain lion while relaxing in a hot tub, and a town called Regina that was just looking to drum-up some tourist money.

On Wednesday, we talked about the stuff that belongs in a fridge, words that we have difficulty spelling, a new powdered beer, and Jimmy G.’s invite to a Nevada brothel.

Plus, a new list of things to do in & around La Crosse this weekend.

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