Worst Movie Sequels – Bags’ Top 10

We’re beginning to get into the part of the year where we start thinking about “Summer Blockbusters”. So many great movies are slated for the coming months that it’s hard to keep count.
Or so we think.
Because not every movie is cracked up to be what we thought it would be. Of the movies that can usually be among the worst, are sequels.
So here’s my Top 10 worst movie sequels…. Well, that I can think of now.

10. Leprechaun 2
9. The Next Karate Kid
8. Son of The Mask
7. Caddyshack 2
6. Staying Alive
5. Jaws: The Revenge
4. Halloween: Resurrection
3. Tremors 2 (And literally every other Tremors after 1.)
2. The Crow: Wicked Prayer
1. Grease 2

Worst Sequels
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