Our Listeners Are Pretty Cool

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it for as long as I’m here. You guys ROCK.
Now, I could say this for numerous reasons. I could mention how fun you are to hang out with at events and concerts. I could mention the fun conversations we have while on the air. I could mention the countless times you’ve answered the call to help someone in need as part of charity.
They would all be correct answers.

But today, I wanna highlight a very cool listener of ours, Tina, who made me this super cool coffee mug commemorating my successful completion of Dry January.

Dry January wasn’t all that tough for me to do, as I mentioned several times throughout the ordeal. But still, a goal completed is a goal completed. I set out to do something, and saw it through to the end. I did it for myself, and without any expectation for a pat on the back from anyone else. I did hope that my story would inspire others to do good things for themselves as I did. But that was about it.

Tina, on the other hand, did not want my work to go unnoticed. So she made me this super cool coffee mug.

I’m humbled by this random act of kindness, and find it a perfect cap on a task completed.
Thank you, Tina. I did not want your awesomeness to go unseen.

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