The one with 411

One week closer to February! We’re also a week away from our annual 9-Pin Tap Tourney at All-Star Lanes, so get registered right meow by clicking here!

We started the week off with a new “Monday Morning Throwback“, and some sad news for grandparents all over the country.

411 is coming to an end for land-line users.

Plus, a truly horrifying story about a hockey player who suffered a ruptured testicle & kept playing.

We discussed a study that found most people want more energy vs. more sex or sleep. There’s also a sherriff’s department in Missouri that’s looking for volunteers for their “Wet Lab“.

Shaw aced this week’s “You’re killin me, Shaws” on hump day, and we discovered that silly walks burn as much, if not more, calories than jogging! Also, single men apparently don’t wash their sheets very often.


On Thursday morning, we found out that tea bags contain the DNA of over 400 different insect species, and we learned about FOSY. The fear of saying yes. Plus, did a Turkish model have the worst first kiss EVER?

And of course, a new list of things to do in & around La Crosse this weekend!

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