Leave the Decorations Up Late

We all know the type of person who starts putting up their Christmas decorations in October. And every year, we yell at those people. For good reason too. We don’t like Christmas stepping on Halloween and Thanksgiving.
But what I don’t think we do enough is, encourage people to leave those decorations up later. Because come the new year, it seems almost immediately that the lights are all gone.

But why? Why can’t the decorations stick around at least till the end of January?
Take a look outside. Sucks, doesn’t it? What used to be an ocean of pretty lights and cheerful decorations is now a frozen wasteland of sadness. We should keep the lights up a little longer to help us get through this dark, dreary pile of crap called January.

I don’t like early decorating because Halloween and Thanksgiving don’t need help. But January sure does. I’m not saying you can’t extend the Christmas holiday. I just think most of you are extending it in the wrong direction.

Xmas Decor
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