You Should Be VIP at Oktoberfest!

VIP is always where it’s at. During the biggest Fest of the year is absolutely no exception.

You’ll get access to the VIP entrance, and VIP bathrooms. Dude, VIP bathrooms? I’ve been to Rock Fest enough to know VIP bathrooms are worth their weight in gold.
You also get early access to the Tapping of the Golden Keg, so you’ll be in a more prime position for the festivities.
You even get an Oktoberfest refillable acrylic stein. Prost, indeed!
And what the heck, they even toss in a few beer tickets to get you started.
They come in single, and double tickets for you and your spouse.

Come on, VIP is always better. So to pick up those tickets, click right here to prost with the most!

Our friends from Around River City made a short TikTok about it. Check it below.

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