#SofiaStrong benefit/GoFundMe

Sofia is a wonderful, happy, and beautiful eight-year-old girl.

She loves the races and sports. A typical day in the life of Sofia Mae during the summer consists of her spending the entire day outdoors. She only goes inside to grab a snack and go to the bathroom.

Approximately a month ago, Sofia came home from school one day with a temperature, and she was complaining about her tummy being sore. Her family thought she was experiencing constipation. After some rest, Sofia finally felt better & went back to school.

Sofia was fine for a little bit, until she started complaining more about her tummy hurting. On Friday, June 17th, her family took her to the emergency room for possible appendicitis.

Before making a determination, there was an ultrasound and bloodwork that was done.

The doctor informed Sofia’s mom that Sofia’s appendix is just fine. However, the radiologist found a large tumor located on Sofia’s kidney. After this, the doctor ordered a CT Scan that confirmed Sofia’s family’s worst fear; Sofia Mae had a cancerous tumor on her kidney.

They transferred Sofia to the Mayo in Rochester for treatment. Unfortunately, the family received more bad news. Not only is the tumor on her kidney, but the tumor is pushing against her other organs surrounding her kidney. She’s had two major surgeries since, and started started chemotherapy in early July.

Her family has set up a GoFundMe account to help offset their rising medical bills, and there will be a benefit for Sofia on Sunday, October 2nd at Rumors Bar & Grill in Mindoro starting at noon.

There will be food, live music, raffles, a silent auction, a bake sale, a 50/50, and more!

Find more information here.

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