The End of Summer Bash – In Pictures

Another summer gone, and another Harley to a happy home.
Join us in congratulating Lee Anderson, the winner of the 2022 Harley Davidson Road King!

We’d like to thank the folks from Great River Harley Davidson for helping us out. Brody and the gang are always willing to lend a hand whenever we reach out.
Also a big thanks to James and his amazing crew at Features in Holmen. Tuesday night Rock Stops there have been a staple of the 95 Days of Summer, and we hope to keep it that way. Also, thanks for letting us use your lot for the EOSB, especially during a Badger game.
Of course, summer wouldn’t be summer without a few Twisted Tea’s. I certainly enjoyed several throughout the course of this year. You should too.
Big ups to River Valley Remodelers. They were a big help this year, and I personally learned a lot about some options with home remodeling. We hope you did as well.
The final thank you, of course, goes to each and every one of you Rock Listeners. Thank you for following us around all summer, enjoying different places as we made our way here. We’ll do it again next year, and for many years to come, so long as you’ll have us.

Here’s a few snaps to show how the day went.
Also, make sure to scroll down for our video, and follow us on TikTock, @957therock.


Lee Anderson won the 2022 Harley Davidson Road King! #Harley #Summer #95Days

♬ Runnin’ Wild – Airbourne
Congrats Lee Anderson!
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