Bags’ Top 10 – Linkin Park Songs

This is a difficult one to pull together, as just about any Linkin Park song at random could be put on this list. But alas, I’m gonna give it a shot anyway.
Everybody’s top 10 for this band would look very different, but I believe these 10 songs would be on most people’s list. So here’s my take.

10. Given Up
9. Faint
8. Lying From You
7. What I’ve Done
6. Breaking the Habit
5. Somewhere I Belong
4. Crawling
3. Numb
2. One Step Closer
1. In the End

Picking the number 1 spot was the most difficult part of this. One Stop Closer was a strong contender for the top spot, as that was their first hit single and the song that introduced us to them in the first place. But I ultimately gave it to In the End, as that song received a lot of attention and play on that fateful day of July 20th 2017.

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Linkin Park
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