Summer Party Tip – Party on a budget

The cost of EVERYTHING is high.

Gas, food, booze, streaming services….I think the only thing that’s actually dropping in price is chicken.

So, if you’re looking to throw a late summer bash at your place on a budget, here’s a few suggestions!

  1. Keep the guest list small.

    Absolute NO-BRAINER on this one. The less people you have over, the less food & beverages you need to provide. The less wear & tear on your plumbing, and the less AC escapes from your house when your guests arrive/leave. Plus, with less people, you have more time to focus on your guests, rather than refilling the potato salad, or trying to keep up with the cleaning.
  2. Make it a potluck.

    Usually, if you’re having a few people over, they’re going to bring something. A dish to pass, a casserole to share, a veggie tray….something. But years ago, our party turned into an all-out competition between our guests to outdo one another in the food department. We have some extremely high-quality grub come through the doors every year! I still cook about 15-20lbs of Bacon for our guests, and my wife makes a dip of some sort, and the Jell-O shots for our giant Jenga game, but that’s usually about it when it comes to food.
  3. If you’re doing a themed party, pick a theme that you already have decorations for.

    Christmas in July, perhaps? Maybe you had a luau a few years ago. Nobody said you can’t go toe the well more than once. Maybe a very late summer/early Halloween bash? And if you are going with a new theme for your soiree, make sure you hit the Dollar Tree for decorations. Just watch out for all that damn glitter!
  4. Focus on high-yield, low-cost foods.

    Things like pastas, dips, veggies, beans, rice, etc.
  5. Hold a 50/50 to offset your costs.

    This year, I think the wife & I will spend about $400 on our party. The Bacon will obviously be the most expensive item, because there’s no way I’m skimping on that. But the Jell-O shot cups, the various plates/napkins/plastic silverware, the keg, the band, the karaoke….it all adds up. And even though our 50/50 doesn’t fully pay for all that, it’s a nice little bit of help to offset those costs. And, someone ends up with a fistfull of cash!
  6. Focus on what really matters.

    There’s a million little things that go into a successful summer party, and you can easily get sidetracked trying to do too much. And then you can spend too much. A good summer party really only needs five things:
    1. People
    2. Food
    3. Booze
    4. Music
    5. Entertainment
    That’s about it….so don’t get too worked up about decorations or themes if you’re truly on a budget. Focus on the important stuff.

Hopefully that helps you save a few bucks when you’re planning your Summer get-together with your friends!

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