Bags’ Top 10 – Childhood Sports Heroes

Sports are often a huge part of a boys childhood. We all see our heroes in our favorite sports, and play the game aspiring to be just like them. I can usually tell how old someone is by whether they should “Jordan” or “Kobe” while shooting a basket. (Even if it’s just crumpled up paperwork being tossed into a trash can.)

We all have our list of sports heroes. Here’s mine.
(It’s about to be clear that I’m a Wisconsin boy.)

10. Roberto Alomar – Toronto Blue Jays – MLB
9. Don Beebe – Green Bay Packers – NFL
8. Ron Dayne – Wisconsin Badgers – NCAAF
7. Shaquille O’Neal – Orlando Magic – NBA
6. Brett “The Hitman” Hart – WWE/F
5. Brett Favre – Green Bay Packers – NFL
4. Stone Cold Steve Austin – WWE/F
3. Sterling Sharpe – Green Bay Packers – NFL
2. Robin Yount – Milwaukee Brewers – MLB
1. Paul Molitor – Milwaukee Brewers – MLB

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