Bags’ Top 10 – Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Soundtrack Songs

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater changed how we see video game soundtracks forever. No one game had ever put so much thought into putting together a solid soundtracks. Now, every game does.
While the first game started the trend, every game in the series had a solid selection of music.

I would like to note, that these songs are in no particular order. Getting the list down to the 10 best songs from the series was difficult enough. So let’s do it.

10. Metallica – Whiplash (THU2)
9. Slayer – Angel of Death (THP8)
8. NWA – Express Yourself (THPS4)
7. Royal Blood – Little Monster (THPS5)
6. Nas – The World is Yours (THU)
5. Clutch – Impetus (THU)
4. Anthrax & Public Enemy – Bring the Noise (THPS2)
3. Papa Roach – Blood Brothers (THPS2)
2. Primus – Jerry Was a Racecar Driver (THPS)
1. Goldfinger – Superman (THPS)

THPS Cover
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