Vagina Deodorant? Yeah, It’s a Thing…

So I have to credit my wife with this find. She got caught in a dark hole on the internet (giggity), and came out with this gem. I was enjoying a peaceful night watching hockey, when I hear her beckon me from our bedroom with a resounding, “Babe… you’ve GOT to see this.”

That’s when this fantastic commercial for vagina deodorant came into my world.

Now ladies, don’t get it twisted. I’m not here to make fun of your lady bits. I get that you have special hygiene requirements. I’ve been married for almost 10 years. I know more about the vajay-jay than I care to repeat in public. So I’m not having a go at your personal hygiene needs. But you have to admit this commercial his hilarious.

It’s full of double entendres, and general play on words. It’s a masterpiece.
So perhaps you come away from this with some sound information on a good product, or a good laugh, or possibly both. But either way, without further adieu, here’s one of the greatest commercials you’ll ever see.
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