Kathy Jo Got the Golden Ticket!

I wanna start this off by saying that it was really awesome doing this in the first place. Last year, we didn’t even do an All Access pass. There wasn’t anything going on in the world to have all access to. And while we did do an All Access pass in 2020, the world would shortly shut down entirely. But we’re all out of our boxes now, and ready for an awesome 2022, and Kathy Jo Thompson of Brownsville has it better than most.

She won the All Access Pass last night at the Flipside Pub and Grill, and has her golden ticket into everything we do in 2022.
She’ll be at Rock Fest for all 3 days, and her camping is included.
She’ll get out to some Logger games.
We’ll get her out to Rockin the Races at the La Crosse Speedway.
Her buttons are taken care of for Oktoberfest and Riverfest.
She’ll also get to do ANYTHING else we do it 2022, including things we don’t even know about it. Big show at the La Crosse Center? Smaller show at one of the local bars? As long as we’re doing it, so is she.

We’d like to send a shout out to the staff at The Flipside Pub and Grill for having us and taking care of us through our shenanigans. They’ve been close friends with us and have helped us through not only this giveaway, but many other fun things we do around here. We couldn’t do it without their support.
We also couldn’t do it without your support, the faithful Rock Listeners. We love getting together and doing fun things, often times for charity, sometimes just for the hell of it.

Let’s get ready for an awesome year together as we now shift our focus to the St Paddy’s Day .01k. If you haven’t signed up for that yet, you can do so by clicking here.

Here’s a few photos of how the night went last night.

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