Keep the Christmas Decorations Up

This is my least favorite time of the year. The days are short. It’s freezing cold. Everyone gets sick and miserable. Moral really comes down this time of year. This time of year, to put it mildly, sucks.
But what if it didn’t have to?

It certainly didn’t suck just a couple of weeks ago? Sure, we still had the short days and the cold. But the magic and lights of Christmas really have a way of brightening the mood. Now I’m not exactly the “holliest, jolliest S.O.B you’ll run into. But even I’m forced to admit that it goes a long way in fending off the depression this season can sometimes bring.

I’ll admit that perhaps my stance here is based on laziness, as I don’t typically take my Christmas decorations down until February, mostly because it’s a hassle and I keep putting it off. But over the years I’ve grown to do it by default. I enjoy having the Christmas tree up. The way I see it, if I’m going to go through all the work to put all that stuff up, then I wanna enjoy it for a while.

Every year, some people put up their Christmas decorations before Halloween, which annoys me to no end. In my opinion, they’re extending the Christmas holiday the wrong direction. Halloween and Thanksgiving don’t need help. Those holidays are fun enough and beautiful in their own right.
But January and February do need help. Have you looked outside lately since most of us took the decorations down? Go ahead, take a glance. I’ll wait….

Sucks, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t it be a lot nicer to see some decorations up? To let the joy and beauty of Christmas hang around a little longer to help us get out of this slushy, icy, miserable atmosphere we find ourselves in?

So join me. Let’s leave those decorations up. Enjoy them for a while longer. Enjoy browsing Netflix with your warm jammies by the light of the Christmas tree a couple months longer.

I bet we’d all be a bit happier.

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