All I Want for Christmas is Nothing

I can’t be the only one who feels like this. Is anybody else tired of the gift giving portion of Christmas, at least for us adults?
My family and I wrestle on this subject each and every year, and every year I lose the battle. Every year I get roped into having to make a Christmas list full of stuff I don’t really care if I get or not, all so my family can partake in this silly tradition. I’m so over it, but I partake anyway, albeit begrudgingly.


Now I’m far from a Scrooge. I love Christmas. I love the decorating, the lights, spending time with family, the big meal we share together. Hell, I even love the music. (Some of it.)
And I’m certainly not trying to do away with gift giving altogether. Get the kids gifts. I have two boys of my own, and I would never try to take that from them. I love the magic this season brings to them, and seeing their eyes light up with joy when they get something they love.

But it’s time to face facts. I’m 39. I’m an adult. I know, that fact still surprises me too. But I have a career, and I make my own money. If there’s something I really want that costs $50 or less, I’ll just get it myself. All of the stuff I want is stuff so expensive, I couldn’t logically ask anyone to buy it for me. Anyone wanna hook your boy up with a PS5? I’d like a new 65″ TV too. Gonna pick one of those up for me? I could also REALLY use a new washer and drier. You got $1,500 laying around you can use to get me those?
Didn’t think so.

So in conclusion. Save the gift giving for the kids. Let them have their magic. Just leave me out of it.
But it doesn’t look like that’s happening for me any time soon.

But if you must know, beer, beef jerky, and pistachio nuts will do. A bottle of Polish Blackberry Brandy wouldn’t hurt.

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