Who’d you rather? Utensil edition

America is divided about a LOT of things.

Politics. Covid. Kenosha.

The list goes on & on. I see it on social media every single day.

But I was surprised to see that we are evenly split when it comes to a new poll that asked, “If you could have access to only ONE kind of utensil for the rest of your life, which would you choose?”

23% of people responding to the poll went with a spoon, 22% chose the fork, and another 22% opted for a spork. 18% of people said they’d take a knife(my personal choice), and another 4% said chopsticks. Ten percent of people were unsure.

I’d go with knife. It’s so multifaceted. You can cut your steak. Butter your roll. Stab an unruly dinner guest.


What would you choose?

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Brian Simpson

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