Survivor Series Review

Last nights Survivor Series was, well, a much better show than I thought I was going to see. The WWE has a tendency to put together shows that don’t seem as exciting as they end up being. While they still haven’t gotten me to care about “one brand vs the other”, there were plenty of things to enjoy from last night’s event.

Becky and Charlotte stole the show.

The night started with Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair, and those two put together yet another 5 star match. Charlotte has had some real backstage animosity lately, so I wasn’t sure how this match would play out. But I shouldn’t have ever doubted these two. They are both gold in the ring, and bring out the very best in one another. It was perfection from bell to bell. Unfortunately, the night wouldn’t get better than this, but admittedly, beating this match was a very high bar to cross.

Seth Rollins. Sole survivor.

From there, we went to the traditional Survivor Series 5 v 5 match featuring Team Raw vs Team Smackdown. While I couldn’t care less about the “brand supremacy” angle, there was some great storytelling in this match. Jeff Hardy was the hero in this match, proving he’s still every bit as good as he was 15 years ago. But the victory would go to Seth Rollins. A big victory like this was needed, as Rollins needs to be pushed up to the top of the card again. I would have LOVED a Jeff Hardy win here, but agree this was a good outcome to a great match.

From there, the show sort of fizzles out. Vince brought out an egg we were supposed to be excited about for some reason. There was a battle Royal for, I dunno, pizza? The Women’s 5 v 5 left a lot to be desired. RK-Bro vs the Usos was a good match, but they’ve both put on better, and to be honest, I’m kinda over the whole RK-Bro thing. I love Riddle, I love Orton, but they both need to be singles superstars again.

Big E takes on Roman.

That leaves us with the main event, Big E vs Roman Reigns. This match wasn’t bad, per say, but I was REALLY hoping for Big E to take this one. Given that there were no titles on the line, this would have been a good spot for Roman to take a loss. But I get it. Roman won’t lose to anyone apart from the occasional disqualification until he loses the belt, likely at Wrestlemania. Which leads me to my next point.


I know it was the anniversary of The Rock’s debut, but they were hitting that angle just a bit too hard last night. It almost makes it obvious that Roman will face his cousin, The Rock, for his Wrestlemania return. While this is something many fans want, they’re doing to much to tease it. It’s to the point where they are beating a dead horse with the whole “saying it without saying it” stuff. If they keep this up, it’ll be one of those situations where if it does happen, fans won’t be as into it, and if it doesn’t happen, fans will be furious. So I’m not sure if I like how they’re building this if it is indeed where they are taking the story.

So those are my thoughts. Anything to add?

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