A Disappointing End to a Promising Season

So yesterday wasn’t the outcome we all hoped we would get. Our Brewers with their backs to the wall, facing elimination, could not get the job done. While they didn’t go without a fight, they were ultimately eliminated in disappointing fashion by the Atlanta Braves.

I’ve been a Brewer fan my whole life. I was born in 1982, the last time the Brewers were in the World Series. So if you are my age or younger, you’ve never seen a Brewers team so good. I can remember some good teams we had put together in the past, but none have ever made me feel as confident as this one. But while this is heartbreaking, I’m trying to keep my mind on one, very crucial fact.

This. Team. Will. Be. Back.

We have a rather young team, with most of our key pieces still under contract. We’ll have some things to iron out (I wouldn’t mind seeing us hang onto Adames), we have plenty of time to do so. The batting was a key factor to our elimination, and it has been hit or miss all season (pun intended), so that is clearly going to be a focus. But I am confident that one year from now, we’ll be right back here. Just hopefully with a better outcome.

So sit back, relax, and always look on the bright side of life.

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