The Best of the Morning Sickness – The one with all the Fest stuff

This week on the Morning Sickness, we were VERY Oktoberfest-centric with the annual celebration returning after a year off due to Covid.

Our Monday Morning Throwback was an Oktoberfest edition of “Fact or Bullcrap” from several years ago, and we polled our listeners to find out what’s their favorite thing about Oktoberfest.

Brody from Great River Harley-Davidson joined us on Tuesday to recap Brian’s recent test rides. And we also talked about some things that used to be great but kinda suck now.

We got over the hump on Workforce Wednesday with a list of the deals for “National Coffee Day”, and Shaw was able to figure out the movie during “You’re killin’ me, Shaws”.

There was a great story about guy who had his car & dog stolen, but was able to get both of them back, and a very strange story about elected officials in Kentucky.

Because we were broadcasting live from the State Room on Friday morning, we got to our Oktoberfest edition of “Three things to do” on Thursday, along with a list of the ten things that would make us IMMEDIATELY switch hotels.


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