Nut facts on National Grab Some Nuts Day.

Today is National “Grab Some Nuts Day”.

As in almonds, cashews, peanuts, pecans, etc.

Not this kind of nut-grab:

Or this kind:

No, National “Grab Some Nuts Day” is more like this:

Personally, my favorite kind of nut is a cashew. Especially if it’s salted. I also enjoy peanuts…the occasional pistachio…but that’s about it. I know they’re a healthier snack option than a chip or other baked item, but it’s rare that I buy nuts.

Here’s a few stats on nuts for National “Grab Some Nuts Day”:

  1. America has more nuts than anyone else. 40% of the world’s nuts are grown right here in the U.S., and we lead all other countries in nut production.
  2. Women eat more nuts than men. Around 38% of Americans will eat nuts today at some point…that includes all the nut butter we consume(Am I the ONLY one who giggles EVERY time he reads “nut butter”?).
  3. There’s a world record for crushing nuts by sitting on them. Because, of course there is. A dude in Japan set the record by crushing 122 nuts in under a minute.
  4. Grabbing a handful of nuts is good for you. A study at Harvard found that the more nuts you eat, the longer you live. Almonds have the most fiber, and macadamia nuts have a lot of healthy fats.
  5. The largest nuts in the world weigh over 50lbs! They’re called “coco de mer” nuts & they’re only found on a few islands in the Indian Ocean.

Mmm…put that sumbitch in your mouth!

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