New Belgium Dominga Mimosa Sour

Everybody loves a good sour. OK, that’s not entirely true. BUT a good sour CAN be loved by nearly anyone. Dominga Mimosa Sour could very well be that sour.

Sours are hard. They are hard to make, they are hard to keep fresh, and there are LOTS of sours out on the market that are just plain hard TO DRINK. Although the concept is sound, and the flavors can be quite delicious… it’s the execution that is sometime either lacking… or extremely overwhelming.

Everybody and their brother is making a sour… and it’s very difficult finding a good sour beer that you may actually like. There’s a lot of trial and error as a consumer. Hopefully this will help. Here is a very drinkable sour beer from New Belgium. Listen:

New Belgium Dominga Mimosa Sour

Claire is my inside woman at New Belgium. She knows her stuff, and New Belgium really knows how to make well-balanced, drinkable brews. Like Dominga Mimosa Sour. It’s an all day drinker, with great flavor and the perfect amount of Lambic-style sour taste, without putting your palate right into the dumpster.

No question about this being a good easy to drink sour. If you’re looking for a big, kick you right in the face sour beer… this is not that beer. If you want a bit of sour, a bit of mimosa, and a great finish? This IS that beer.

One more thing: if you’ve tried sour beer(s) before, and just didn’t like them… keep trying. Sours vary GREATLY from beer to beer, style to style, and brewery to brewery. Keep trying. You WILL find one you’ll enjoy. I’m not that guy from the suit warehouse… but I can say: “I (almost) guarantee it!”

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dominga mimosa sour
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